The water is an element of great importance in the production of aggregates for concrete, necessary for washing them and obliged by technical codes referring the quality required for its use in concrete and surface treatments, among others.

The Chilean legal framework regarding wastewater discharges establishes that the Superintendency of Sanitary Services (SISS) has the control of industrial wastewater emissions, by the Organic Law No. 18,902 of the SISS, based on regulations that define the maximum allowable level of each pollutant in the effluents, as they are discharged into waterways, sewer systems or underground. Besides, these documents are complemented by provisions about sampling and analysis that the issuer must periodically carry out to its discharges .

Discharges to the Sewage System

The D.S. MOP No. 609/1998, in force since August 1998, regulates discharges to sewers. There is a modification established in D.S. MOP No. 3592 of 18.08.2000, which reffers to an adjustment of the original set time.

Discharges to marine and inland surface waters:

Regulation in force since 03.09.01, it controls all types of discharges to surface marine and inland waters and it was approved by D.S. SEGPRES No. 90/2000 being published in the Official Gazette on 03/07/01.

Discharges to groundwater (Infiltration):

DSSEGPRES No. 46, effective from 17.01.03, is the code that regulates the discharge of industrial wastewaters into groundwater.

The aggregates production plant of Najar Group located in Butalcura has a wastewater treatment system which allows recirculation of the treated waters and reuse in the process. The system also allow Najar to comply with the D. S. MINSEGPRES 90/00, a code which became fully exigible on September 3th 2006, controlling the emissions of residual wastewater discharges to surface and marine waters for all existing sources at the time of enactment of the regulation, on September 2001.

Register of establishments subgect to regulation D.S. MOP N° 609/1998, D.S. SEGPRES N° 90/2000 y N° 46/2002

Projects on ecological management in the aggregates industry

  • Management and treatment of wastewaters in the aggregates industry.
  • Establishment and development of native and/or exotic species on mechanically subsoiled land for the recovery of quarries as productive surfaces.