Volume No. 8, Section 8004 "Glossary of Terms" of the Manual for Roads of the National Road Direction of the Ministry of Public Works, establishes certain definitions relating to aggregates, some of them are presented because of its importance for a proper understanding of the products we offer, as follows.


Stone material composed of hard particles, size and shape are stable.

Fine Aggregate

Material passing through the sieve of nominal opening 5 [mm] (for concrete) and 2.5 [mm] (for asphalt) and it is retained in the sieve of 0.08 [mm].

Coarse Aggregate

Aggregate retained on the sieve of nominal aperture 5 [mm] when used in concrete and 2.5 [mm] when used in asphalt.

Combined Aggregate

The resulting mix of fine and coarse aggregates in proportions defined by the dosing study and that is to be employed in the manufacture of concrete.

Integral Aggregate

Coarse aggregate and fine aggregate mixed in proportions not defined.

Natural Aggregate

Aggregates from stony fields, which have not been subjected to any treatment.

Treated Aggregate

Crushed, screened and/or washed aggregate, in controlled mechanical operations.


Fine mineral powder. It could be hydraulic cement, lime or other inert material, free from organic matter and clay particles. Must meet the following gradation: For sieves 0.630 [mm], 0.315 [mm] and 0.080 [mm] the portion passing by weight is 100%, 95-100%, and 70-100% respectively.