The idea of a young family about helping to solve the problems of the community of Chiloé Island – Chile, gave birth to the Najar Group. Since 1989, Mr. Fidel Navarro Ulloa and Mrs. María Jara Mora formed the first company of the group, with a pioneering work in the development of civil works in southern Chile.

The Najar Group which is in its second generation, keeps intact the essence and vision their founders have had from its beginnings, same principles on which Najar Ingenieros  S.A., the last company of the group, is based on. Najar Ingenieros S.A. is a professionalized and globalized company, which continues its contribution to the sustainable economic development of the Chiloé province and Chile, based on research, development and innovation of new technologies, whose application becomes a differentiating element in the market, delivering high quality solutions and services to our customers.